Lie detector test

Polygraph attraction at your wedding? Find out whether your spouse has no secrets from you - this is the last chance!

Everything comes to light!

Equipment, commonly known as lie detector, is associated with the work of the police, investigators, and more recently employers who check their future employees, during their recruitment. It sounds controversial? Perhaps, but not so as to verify the truthfulness of your other half, or best friend. Just be careful, because even the deepest secrets may come to light ...


What is the favorite color of your wife? Does your husband believe that yesterday's soup was too salty? Or maybe you would like to know whether your 18 year old daughter sleeps cuddled teddy bear, she got the first birthday? These, and many other "relevant and important" questions we can ask anyone and see if telling the truth. In addition, we will make this fun, the enjoyment that every party! Most people are afraid of the polygraph test, but with us is a lot of laughter and fun. You do not have to fear that come to light serious and intimate affairs - it is not our intention. We want to make your wedding, bachelorette party, bachelor party or 18 was unforgettable, thanks to the attractions, of which no one has ever heard of!


Special equipment and professional typographer, who will perform the study will ask you questions that will cause peals of laughter. By the way, during the wedding, you can check witnesses and parents - what if they plotting something behind your back (of course, we mean the amazing wedding gift, like a trip to Mexico!). Research polygraph in the form of entertainment are not yet widespread pastime, so you are sure that thanks to surprise all guests. How it will conduct? We'll do a real show like "Moment of Truth". With super sensitive system we will analyze the reaction of the test participant. This will keep commented on polygraphs. Of course, the questions are not random - this game is conducted in the form of a game scenario, so it is carefully thought by our team. Let us get check you (and laugh to tears)!