Canoe trips

The sun and the water is a great adventure, but what can make that will be even better? When it will be a canoe trip for your business!

Trip water trail.

Welcome to all companies and institutions that want their employees integrated into during a trip. The kayaking requires participants to cooperate. With depending on how long kayak you choose, the more people have to rip. The most popular are the double, but it's enough to held together adventure. Contrary to appearances, the maintenance on the water does not only depend on whether you will evenly row. In addition, the need to jointly determine how and where to stop for a break, when and who can have a rest from rowing, and above all, in whose backpack will be lunch;) Expedition kayaks requires the full commitment - you need to plan how to dress, not to przemoknąć. Decide whether to bring your phone and have contact with the group, but also the risk that it will be sunk or left at home and know that we can not disconnect from anyone.


Canoe trips for companies prove themselves everywhere where working people who like physical activity and without fear that can get dirty (rather get wet). For business owners, important information will be the fact that it is one of the cheapest sports - rent kayaks cost much less than buying running shoes, which is considered, the least expensive sport. At the same time it is very attractive, because not everyone had the opportunity to swim on the longitudinal boat, and it's so easy! You do not need to any additional skills not needed is an amazing physical condition, and even the participants are not required swimming skills. Of course, it is the duty of wearing a life vest, but if for someone too little protection is easy - the river, which is carrying a canoe, usually are not too deep.


Beautiful trails that are full of greenery, peace and quiet straight from nature is a perfect combination, which guarantees the highest level of relaxation. It is known that the employee relaxed employee is effective, so let us organize an expedition kayak for your business.