Stag and hen parties

The decision about selecting the person with whom you spend a whole life can be stressful ... The last free evening before the wedding is a unique opportunity to chill out!

Feel like in The Hangover movie!

You do not know how to organize a unique bachelor or bachelorette party? Relax - we know! Especially for you prepare an offer that will suit your tastes, and and impresses all guests. One thing we know for sure - it will be an unforgettable evening.


For men we offer something extreme - a day spent on a car rally 4x4 race on quad bikes or paintball. Later, a fire and a lot of beer, in which every future bridegroom and his best friends will be able to drown the grief associated with the imminent end of the bachelor life. This evening will be a great souvenir at the end of a certain stage of their lives. You prefer something more calm? We can for you to arrange urban game in which you can be a detective who looking for clues crime. You will find them in their favorite pubs and clubs where you will be hidden clues and gifts for future bridegroom.


Ladies have as many options to choose from. Exit to the city in armbands with rabbit ears is already passe. Now, the most popular are theme parties. What do you say about party in the style of Bollywood? Colorful, buzzing scarves, belly dancing, Indian food and oriental music? Or would you prefer something more romantic, like a balloon flight? On the other hand, we can completely transform popular play, what do you say, that the questions relating to your chosen one, you will be responsible attached to a polygraph? It is better to prepare well to avoid unpleasant surprises;) Mentioned previously, urban game, you will be well matched to the female-team. Let the future bride will search for hiding places, and the tips that they find, discover the way to the gifts, which can dramatically improve the quality of her new married life.


Stag and hen parties can be really attractive! We will organize for you a remarkable adventure - a young wyszaleją and through this experience will create a pair that formed a great relationship.