Rally 4x4

Dust, mud, and maybe snow? They cease to be a problem when we have a 4-wheel drive and a powerful engine.

Feel the power under right foot!

Fans of adrenaline, who are not afraid of any challenges should take advantage of our rallies 4x4. The large all-terrain vehicle with a powerful engine, strong tires and rides through the marshes, wet meadows, bogs, from which it is hard to leave. In addition, steep descents and climbs. This will not only check their own driving skills in difficult conditions. You will see how you react to stressful situations - stimulate your creative thinking, or rather arouse a wave of anger? Anyway, always next to you will be a professional driver off-road, which, depending on your skills, you will be piloted and helped you to leave even the deepest holes or lead car, and you, as a passenger, you can feel a little safer during such a crazy ride. And if you bury in the mud it certainly invite you to help.


The organization of the rally by professionals has many advantages. First of all, you do not have to have your own car, you do not need to have experience, because everything you learn. You do not have too worry about car equipment - it is on the head organizer, so you do not have to plan how many spare tires to take, what spare parts you need, and besides, regardless of where they choose, certainly you not get lost.


Rally 4x4 can take anyone. Spouse, mother in law, friends, and even small children. Thanks to the organizers, everything will be organized in such a way that everyone will be safe and get these attractions, which is expected. Off-road to activities through which we can explore the beautiful Polish forests and mountains, where there is no chance to see the average tourist. Together with us discover remarkable expanses of wild greens, and at the same time feel safe. We will make sure that each trip was an attractive and properly secured. Maybe that's how you start a new passion by which you gain many new friends and visited almost the entire world! mamma