Who benefits from the quads? Military, paramedics ... Do you want to feel like they? Get in on the four wheelers and defeat the off-road trails!

Bumpy ride with no holding!

Quads is an extraordinary and very durable vehicles. No route is not the terrible with quads. Great deal of mud, snow and wherever there is simply no road. There are versions of the sports, field, as well as recreation. Sometimes you can find quads, somewhat resembling tanks, because instead of wheels to drive have caterpillar drive. Recreation quads are most often used during sightseeing excursions, as well as during any kind of integration. Ride such models we offer a unique opportunity for active recreation.


Driving an ATV is very simple and just a short teaching enough to be able to enjoy extreme driving. These small and light vehicles are designed to overcome the difficult terrain! Find out how to get across the swamp, shallow rivers and the ease with which you can really overcome steep climbs. Regardless of whether this will be your first time with a drive or if you already have experience driving a quad, it will arrange for you an extraordinary experience. Depending on the size of the group, you can use the quad track or rallies quad. When driving a special track, which are artificially created obstacles, you can arrange a race with prizes, and the rally is a treat for fans of nature. Wetlands, ramps, jumps and uneven terrain, but also the beautiful views, the smell of the forest or the mountains ... But before such a trip would take place then you need to undergo special training in safety and driving techniques.


Riding a quad is a great chance for integration, but also to improve their driving skills. Many times during the trip, you will need the help of someone of the participants when the wheel bury themselves in mud or you will not be able to overcome extremely difficult driveway. Check out our offer and give yourself a chance to experience an incredible adventure!