Balloon flight

Is there something more unusual than flying? The ancient dreamed about it, but you do not have to - for you we fly a balloon.

Look at your city from the top!

Is there anything more romantic than a hot air balloon flight? Of course, die-hard romantics may wonder, but according to us it is a great idea to organize the engagement or unusual idea for quite extreme, but an unusual wedding gift. Balloon flight is an unforgettable adventure, with which you can make an exceptional event will become even more remarkable. But remember several possible obstacles ...


Unfortunately, balloon flights are limited by weather conditions. To be able to soar above the earth weather must be really good, that is, without rain and snow, no fog and no strong wind. Fortunately, these days (despite appearances!) We have in Poland quite a lot and so the balloon flights are even more unusual. Look at your city from the top! Perhaps you will find that you will discover a whole new place? For sure you look at the amazing panoramic view from a completely new perspective. Of course, our balloon flights we invite not only the brides and marriage. It may be unusual adventure for a group of friends, but also the idea of ​​the integration party organization of workers or prelude of ladies night. We will help you organize everything and take care of it, it was celebrated in a unique way. Beautiful views, a chance to look at the city in a completely new way, and at the end of the glass of champagne or not it sounds perfectly?


Balloon flight is a great gift idea for a birthday, wedding or anniversary. Give your loved ones a unique, sky adventure, and we assure you that they will be grateful and smile for a long time does not disappear from their faces. Take care only that you do not have a fear of heights (unless you want to break it), because in such a case, instead the joy on their faces will be panic. During the balloon flight, anything can happen - amazing atmosphere, the murmur of the wind ... And what if a your man come out romantic?