Buddy pick up girl spotted by you? Associate from the desk next to you without asking took stapler? Take revenge and take it for paintball.

Feel like you're at war!

Paintball is already known in Poland for a long time, it is a team game in which you shoot at the opposing team with paintball markers. From the look like small rifle, but instead of real bullets are balls filled with paint. There are different types of games, but usually when you hit your opponent (the ball breaks to form its protective suit characteristic stain) is excluded from the game.


The game is a great form of entertainment, often choose by the company, trying to organize attractive integration trip for its employees, but a group of friends as often seek to arrange for them to paintball madness. Team after dividing into groups is to reach the goal, which set up a script. Most often it is: to get enemy's flag, eliminating all the players or getting a designated point in time. Frequently the game take place in the open air, on a specially designated areas. It builds on them many hiding places, artificial obstacles, but also often used in natural conditions, eg. In the forest or on brownfields. Of course, there is nothing to prevent the match took place in a closed room, but must be specially adapted to it. To facilitate the players to the game, they wear special camouflage suits to help them hide. Of course, it is also important to protect, so it is assumed the special masks.


This colorful game will allow you not only feel the adrenaline rush, like from the square of a real battle, but also will make a living, tired and release endorphins. By the way wyćwiczy cleverness and sense of survival. Our offer is addressed to everyone - if you want to play with friends or organizing a company trip - turn to us and will be happy to take care of the necessary formalities. Paintball is a game for everyone - and children and adults, and most importantly - suitable for any occasion, bachelor party, birthday or, simply, the free weekend.