Organizing weddings

Organizing unforgettable wedding, from the bride's dreams is not an easy thing, but who said it was impossible?

I will not leave you until death!

Regardless of how big party we are planning, organization of weddings is a very complicated process. First of all, because it is composed of many activities spread over time and future spouses as well as their parents, they have their hands full. Finding the right place, perfect costumes for Young, purchase of alcohol, setting the menu, decorating the church ... This is just the tip of the iceberg. Not everyone realizes how easy it is to make a mistake. Is the above list do not run you a few important elements? If you have not noticed a lack of cake, wedding music, flowers and find accommodation facilities for visitors, it will probably be better if we take care of the organization of your wedding.


With us you will be able to breathe calmly - enough that together we determine how you want your wedding or the wedding looks like then you take rest, and we take care of fulfillment of a dream bride and groom. We will help you find the perfect place for a wedding, a beautiful church and we'll worry about how to transport wedding guests from the airport to the church and the wedding. Of course you will be involved in the organization of the wedding, but we will try to make was limited to a minimum, because we know that the choice of one person with whom we spend a lifetime is enough stressful and certainly do not want to know that the florist does not order all kinds of flowers . Let us act in such crisis situations, and certainly your wedding will be unusual and almost completely devoid of stressful factors.


In our offer we also have many other attractions that we can use during the wedding reception. We can carry out funny polygraph examination for spouses and witnesses, and maybe even parents ... (Calm down! We ask only for a favorite color or shoe size), organize dance shows and adored by all fotobudkę, where you will find the mass of fun accessories and gadgets that make your photos will be fun, and most importantly - will be immediately develop the picture and will be a great gift for the guests.