Theme parties

Thematic events is one of the best forms of entertainment! For one evening, become a pirate, a princess or a star straight from the 80s.

Make a party in the style of cavemen!

You know the Flintstones? Of course, in the end we all love them. Cars powered by the legs, dinosaurs as household pets and clothes from leather and fur is a great primer for a party with friends.


House party are fun, but you'll play better if it is thematic. What can you prepare for the event, which is to refer to our ancestors? First of all, focus on the costumes. Depending on whether you prefer the atmosphere of a fairy tale about Flintstones, or something more realistic you can sew a white dress Willma, which put corals, or find artificial fur and carelessly accuse them on. Instead of shoes or bare feet shod in "leather" bags bound with leather straps. Hair must be messy and even tangled, like in the comedy Rrr ... As part of the additional interest in your hand you can hold a huge bone, which can be purchased from any butcher.


As far as food is attitudes to meat. Ribs, leg or neck? Yes, it's a typical tribal dishes. It will be more authentically when you give them raw, but in a more civilized version, for example Carpaccio. Sweet enter everything that can be found in the forest: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries ... and pour them jelly 😉 Of course, in every forest will also mushrooms, and the stream - fish.


As for the decoration, you need just a little bit of talent, colorfull foil to create bonfires, cardboard bones, torches, and the walls (of course, not directly! It is better to use paper for this), draw several paintings straight from the oldest caves, which tell the all the guests that if you need it you can kill a mammoth. This painting "walls" will be a great attraction, but you have to set some rules. Remember that using any subtitling is unacceptable, in the end cavemen did not know the alphabet!


If you think it's a good idea go ahead and organize a party like that! The hard part will be finding the right clothes, but a little bit of creativity (and inspiration that you can find for example on printerest) will help you to!

Feel like a movie star!

Do you dream of crossing the red carpet in a beautiful evening gown or exclusive suit? Do you think that the golden Oscar statuette would present beautifully on your fireplace? Or maybe the flashes of cameras will give your skin radiance? If the answer to these questions is the affirmative it's time to party in true Hollywood style.


You can dress up as each - whether it's now deceased movie stars, these contemporary, or completely unknown (you can be a star!). Just the right outfit - very elegant and original, glossy, plus stylish hairstyle and makeup (yes, men also have it on the red carpet). If you have anything in your closet that meets these criteria you do not actually have to worry about your party outfit.


Movie stars drink champagne - remember! Tall glasses, possibly colored drinks, made by a professional bartender. From food - mandatory tiny snack - literally one bite. They will be very elegant and there is a good chance that nobody gets dirty. At a party must be the live music, or at least DJ, but not one that plays on all 18, he must be the real star of electronic music (or at least pretend). You think it's impossible? We know that organizing such an event with our help will be easier than you think. You think about who you want to invite, and we'll do the rest. Plenty of attractions, exclusive accessories, and even a real limo - all this can be organized!


Thus prepared, the evening will be a very long and memorable, because who would not want to be famous, even for one day? You may find that among your friends or employees hiding the real stars? It seemed to you that a colleague from the desk next to look like Brad Pitt? Maybe this time you will have the opportunity to see him in action.


Thematic events are hit of the season, because we know that nothing integrates better as common antics! Convince your friends to joint disguise and have fun like real stars, that is, to the morning!

Let's play a doctor!

Note: This event may not be suitable for health professionals (finally have it every day :))


You have no idea on how to spice up your party? Let's try, so create a field hospital where there is a place for everyone. Consider who usually appears in the ER and change your guests into patients. A woman giving birth, accident victim, a gangster who accidentally shot himself in the leg, or a child who has put battery to the nasal. Of course, the opportunities are great, but let's not forget the most important: doctors and nurses! It depends on them hospital staff, and you know, if the case is not dangerous they like it discuss with patients, jump for dinner, or for a moment to take a nap.


Unfortunately, sometimes it happens hopeless situation, in which you must operate immediately. So at a party can not miss a makeshift treatment table and (plastic!) Tools. We will make sure that they are in place, but also that to be safe, in the end, nobody wants to hurt yourself, playing with needles. In addition, as in every hospital must appear reception, behind which stands sister (nurse), a native of PRL, under the counter keeps a special jar and you can always shout to her - Sister, alcohol!, when it turns out that it is currently necessary.


Fortunately, with us, you can avoid what hospitals the worst, that is, the characteristic smell of disinfectant and food that never taste. Butter can you give as a characteristic cube next to disposable boxes with jam and serve drinks in huge syringes.


For people who get too tired during the partying, especially useful may be a stretcher. Thanks to them, it will be easy to transport the patient to the bed, where he can sleep safe and in the morning, will have the full right to complain that despite the whole evening spent in the hospital, still have a headache. Ah, our health service...