Scenario games

Your employees integrate already on quads, paintball or canoeing? You do not know how to surprise them? Plan their next moves using the special scenario!

Check team cooperation!

Scenario games are specially designed stories with division of roles in which play you, and your employees. The most interesting element is the fact that not everyone is aware of how the scenario is planned and how the game will proceed. You do not know how to go about it? Relax, we write the story for you ...


For a split second the lights go out, blood everywhere, and on the floor is the head of the accounting department. Who killed her? Quietly, in a moment from the crowd emerge detective who finds suspects who had motive ... How to defend and who actually killed? The answer to this question can only get if all the players work together. Of course, the scenario games are not just a thriller. It may be that the boss decided to change his interests and from the company, which is engaged in recruiting, decided to do military training ground. How his subordinates adapt to the new conditions? Who will succeed to go all the fitness tests? Let's not be surprised a sudden twists, it might be that incompetent recruits will be swap in circus clowns ... Or maybe it turns out that you have to find the treasure hidden by medieval brotherhood - reportedly they posted secret recipe medicine that can save humanity from cruel epidemic. The fate of the world is in yours hands - did you manage to save him?


These and many other types of scenario-based games are designed to involve all members of the team, checking their creativity, ingenuity, but above all it is a fun, during which you will be able to check who is the distance to each other and can work with the group. Who has the characteristics of a leader, and who will stand on the sidelines? Often the only such extreme situations show what every day is not be able to notice. Independently from whether your team is working together for a long time, or just you build it, try to take advantage of our services and see how they behave during such non-standard conditions.