Urban games

Guided city tour makes you bored? In that case, try to discover them with urban game. Can you manage to find the treasure?

Feel like a detective!

Urban Games is an incredible experience new and unknown place. End boring trips and explore the same set of monuments, and finally the free time spent at the mall. Now, not only you will know the city from its real, historical site, but also integrate with the group.


Upon receipt of the special tasks and access to the history created by us, players are divided into groups and try to find a solution wagered against them puzzles. By the way, they visit the city, but instead merely watch the buildings, they can use their functionality, their hidden treasures and tips to help find the missing piece of the puzzle. Calmly! Tips and map will not let you get lost. But you go up the trail, which is not planned by no guide.


Feel like a character in a detective story and put yourself in a detective looking for the thief who stole the Poznan goats, use bikes to quickly get to the destination, or try to find their way in the complex world of public transport. Contrary to appearances, this experience will make you know surrounding the city from the inside, improve their orientation in the field and integrate with the people who make up your team. It's great fun not only for tourists but also for employees, who are just building your team.


Let us build an amazing board throughout Poznan. We will organize for you amazing fun that will long remain in your memory! No limits, all the rules are there to be broken. Show that you are smart and you can win! Fun always takes place in the open air, so you have a chance to relax. And at the end? You can get the treasure! Sometimes you will find a real hiding place, sometimes password, which can be useful in the future, but regardless of as the game is over, just this experience will be treasured, because even if you visit Poznan after a few years, it turns out that, thanks to organized our game , you know the city like my own pocket!