Photo booth

Everyone wants to make his party a memorable one - unfortunately, not always successful, so it is worth everything to document by photo booth!

An unforgettable photo session!

The small box, into which you enter to make a commemorative photo is known mainly American movies. Now you can spice up your corporate event, wedding or birthday. Photo booth only has advantages: it is fast and provide your guests a variety of entertainment and fun. It is also very easy to use - intuitive touch screen make any will be able to use it and make a original photo. That was not boring, the addition can be fun masks, sunglasses and hats, which can be set up and spice up their image.


When organizing a corporate event, each boss depends care about its staff, and all future and existing customers a good time. Thanks to a well-organized event, we can gain a lot. Unfortunately, good food and no alcohol will build us the whole night, so you need to invest well as other entertainment. Photo booth is to this ideal, because not only provide fun, but it can be an effective marketing tool - made its images can be instantly shared on social networking sites. In addition, the paper on which to print pictures can be marked with a logo of our company.


Of course, the possibility of photo booth not limited to act attractions for corporate events, can be hired for any occasion, but it would be a great idea for a wedding. Thanks to your wedding guests will be able to spice guestbook with original photographs. On the occasion of great complement pictures taken by the wedding photographer. Immediately after the wedding you will be able to share all the photos taken at the wedding - no waiting on it for a few months! Besides, your guests will be able to enjoy the printed photos, just a few minutes after the shooting. Thanks to its small size, the angle of her will be fit in every wedding hall. By the way, Young Couple can personalize the image by adding inscriptions on the frames and setting the original main screen.


Making such original pictures bring joy to all the guests, so take advantage of our offer and rent your booth today!