Inflatables for children

Real castles and dragons are not suitable for children - sharp edges and teeth ... but what it would be if we inflate them?

Give children a lot of fun!

Inflatable toys are one of the favorite forms of entertainment all children. They love them for it, they are colorful, they can descend on them, jump, and actually do almost everything what they want. Parents have about this another reason - above all, safety. Whether the child falls down, or hit the "wall" nothing will happen, because all surfaces are soft.


We invite you to use our services, because the organization of events for children is our passion. Our inflatable toys are safe, undamaged, so children can not hurt yourself. All we use inflatable are regularly checked for technical. Thereby parents does not have to worry about their children.


Do you want to organize a thrilling event for children? Do you have any ideas, but you are not sure how to achieve them? Contact us and we will help you choose the most interesting options. We know on what currently enjoys children are up to date with all the trends regarding children's events, so advise you on what is best to decide and organize all, even the most difficult, yet necessary formalities.


Give your (and not only) children unusual fun, memorable experience and a lot of fun. To familiarize yourself with all the formalities, dispel their doubts, or to schedule a party, contact us!